The system allows to tolerate the following dimensional errors: Floor level and ceiling errors: +/- 3/8", Slab deflection after installation: +/-3/8".


Aluminum profiles can be treated either with anodic coating and anodizing.


All accessories have been developed and designed in order to be integrated into the system and are in compliance with the standards for prolonged use over the years, both for mechanical reasons and for prolonged contact surfaces. The surface finishes can match the color of the profiles


The glass, panels and doors gaskets are in transparent silicone in order to be elegant and less visible as possible and not to impact the aesthetic.
The acoustic gaskets located under the base profile are mono-adhesive
The brushes on the sliding doors are of prime quality 'high density' in light gray color in compliance with ASTM standards ASTM C 864, C 509, C 1115, E 2203.


The system can accommodate two different glass thicknesses: laminated glass A" + A" with double PVB or + 14" with double PVB. The doors glass is 25/64" thickness tempered glass or higher in relation to the size.


The installation of ALESSIA partition wall, is an easy and fast procedure. The "C" profiles, both to the floor and to the ceiling are the first to be installed. The telescopic profile needs to be levelled with special adjustment accessories. The central cover clips to the profiles and infill panels can be installed. Each glass and panels are hold up by 4 security accessories that slide into the telescopic profiles.