ALESSIA™ is a Hi- technological partition wall with elegant design. It´s a double glazing system conceived, designed and built to achieve maximum comfort in all its form: form visual to aesthetical and sound comfort.

The system can accommodate laminated glass and different type of panels, and thanks to a wide selection of joints and corners solutions it gives the designer endless possibilities of configuration. Its anti seismic system that imposes itself elegantly and effectively in every context; in meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, executive offices and in any environment that demands both versatility and high quality.


The installation of ALESSIA™ partition wall, is an easy and fast procedure. The "C" profiles, both to the floor and to the ceiling are the first to be installed. The telescopic profile needs to be levelled with special adjustment accessories. The central cover clips to the profiles and infill panels can be installed. Each glass and panels are hold up by 4 security accossories that slide into the telescopic profiles.Floor and ceiling surveys are needed to check the tolerances of the built situation, and can be easily done with laser instruments.


All accessories have been developed and designed in order to be integrated into the system and are in compliance with the standards for prolonged use over the years, both for mechanical reasons and for prolonged contact surfaces. The surface finishes can match the color of the profiles.


The system allows to tolerate the following dimensional errors: Floor level and ceiling errors: +/- 3/8", Slab deflection after installation: +/-3/8".


Aluminum profiles can be treated either with anodic coating and anodizing.


The glass, panels and doors gaskets are in transparent silicone in order to be elegant and less visible as possible and not to impact the aesthetic.
The acoustic gaskets located under the base profile are mono-adhesive
The brushes on the sliding doors are of prime quality 'high density' in light gray color in compliance with ASTM standards ASTM C 864, C 509, C 1115, E 2203.


The system can accommodate two different glass thicknesses: laminated glass A" + A" with double PVB or + 14" with double PVB. The doors glass is 25/64" thickness tempered glass or higher in relation to the size.



It is s new high-tech and aesthetic product for covering floors, walls and much more. The high-definition graphic decoration is applied using an innovative colour-transfer system derived from nano-technology. All colours are water-based, contain no solvents, and are certified as non-toxic.


Colours are applied using an innovative system at a low temperature, without any environmental impact. This industrial process offers the highest-possible degree of rALEXISability and safety in terms of product use, thus enabling any kind of high-definition graphic decoration to be created for interior use.


These stone panels is a newly designed environmentally ceramic tile, a decorative product that in just a few years has revolutionised the world of contemporary architecture. Its extremely thin, large size and perfect flatness are obtained thanks to exclusive innovative technology that gives elasticity and resistance.


The versatily and ease of use, undeniable strenghts of these panels, together with its lightness, strenght and antimicrobial properties, have led to the success of this material that meets the requirements of consumers, planners and designers who have choosed these panels creating highly original solutions, satisfied by prestigious references worldwide.


Exclusive product to achieve a particular aesthetic impact environments. Customizable glass by modifying the structure of its crystals, and therefore of natural light transmission through laser engravings in material thickness. The laser beam penetrates the glass, creating micro-cracks that, in an orderly and calculated, forming three-dimensional patterns or high resolution images. This technique, combined with illumination from the edge of the plates by means of LEDs, encourages reflection and refraction of light to make all bright and shiny form.


Main substitute the backlight to "neon", This panels is unit for the backlight and is distinguished for its innovation both technically and aesthetically. By exploiting the "edge lighting system" it is presented as a rigid panel with thickness from 8mm and customizable in size, the uniformity of light on the surface is obtained with a low use of LEDs for an optimal energy consumption and no maintenance. This panel is configurable according to the specifications of the designer who will find this product in the solution to many of the most common problems in the context of the backlight and lighting of materials and environments.


Plated panels are units of different kind of woods, laminates, veneers, honey-comb panels where edging on shaped with the center of the work to CNC for paper, PVC, ABS or wood edges up to 3 mm. Sectioning of panels or postforming bars, by means of machines with a computerized systems for the optimization of the cutting phase in order to reduce at least the waste material.