1. Your installation team must have inspected the condition on-site before filling this form.

2. A representative on behalf of the installation company is requested during ESWINDOWS inspection.

3. If during the inspection our representative finds out that the issue reported correspond to an installation fault, ESWINDOWS will communicate with your site/service representative to coordinate how to proceed. If the issue reported correspond to a fabrication fault, the service visit will not be chargeable.

4. ESWINDOWS does, in no case whatsoever give any representations or warranties regarding the services/works performed by its personnel or any works or equipment installed, maintained, or repaired by the personnel other than those expressly set out in the contract or purchase order. Furthermore, the personnel’s performance of the services/works shall, in no case whatsoever, induce, extend, or renew any warranty period towards respectively the warranty obligations of ESWINDOWS.

5. ESWINDOWS is liable towards our customers only for direct damages to property intentionally or grossly negligently caused by the personnel during the preparation or performance of the services/works as well as the rectification of any deficiencies.

6. Customers are obliged to take all necessary measures on-site to prevent accidents or damages. It shall be fully responsible for all accidents, consequences of accidents, and damage caused by the inadequate condition of its facilities.