ES-6500 ULTRA/6600 ULTRA


The ES-6500 and ES-6600 Ultra are 5 1⁄4” reinforced impact rated, heavy duty, sliding glass doors, with practical and sober designs.

Designed for the USA market

System Description

Frame depth: 5 1/4”. Sill height: 3 5/16”. Configurations: OX, XO, OXO, XOX, OXXO. Designed for 9/16” laminated glass and 1 3/16” insulating laminated glass. Maximum size: 191 1/2” x 144” OXXO. Large and small missile impact. Design load: +120/-125 psf SMI and LMI. Water infiltration: 18 psf. U-value: 0.58.


Heavy duty, adjustable tandem polyamide ball bearing rollers. Fully weather-stripped. Anodized, painted or wood grain finishes available. Screens available in aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh. Silicone gaskets for improved durability. Head receptor optional and free standing heavy duty jamb. Two point lock with ergonomic handle. Exterior key locking option. Reinforced aluminum extrusions.