Elite ®

The ES-EL100 is a single-hung, impact rated window that easily adapts to any design specification, satisfying the most demanding construction and architectural standards for security, strength and durability. ES-EL100 is designed for narrow openings to resist high pressures. Single-hung systems are known for its excellent water intrusion performance

Designed for the USA market

Hurricane Resistant Hurricane Resistant

System Description

Large missile impact rated Frame depth: 2 15/16" Configuration: O/X Designed for laminated, insulating and insulating laminated glass Water infiltration: 12 psf Design load: +80/-80 psf large missile impact Maximum size: 53 1/8" x 76" U-value: 0.64 - IGU (1/8" SB70 Clear + AS + 1/8" Clear + 0.090 PVB + 1/8" Clear) , 0.96 - LG (1/8" Clear + 0.090 PVB + 1/8" Clear) SHGC: 0.23 on clear insulating laminated SB 70


Block and tackle or ultra-lift balances Bottom spring latch or sweep lock Flange frame for masonry, fin frame for wood construction or flush frame for concrete opening