Elite ®

The ES-EL200 is a horizontal roller sliding window. This product ensures an easy and smooth opening allowing maximum ventilation. ES-EL200 can be used on a wide variety of applications.

Designed for the USA market

Hurricane Resistant Hurricane Resistant

System Description

Large missile impact rated Frame depth: 2 5/16" Configurations: XO, OX or XOX Designed for laminated, insulating and insulating laminated glass Water infiltration: 10 psf Design load: +80/-90 psf Maximum size: 111" x 63" U-value: 0.62 - IGU (1/8" SB70 + AS + 1/8" Clear + 0.090 PVB + 1/8" Clear) , 1.0 - LG (1/8" Clear + 0.090 PVB + 1/8" Clear) SHGC: 0.24 on clear insulating laminated SB 70


Polyamide rollers with needle bearings Spring latch at jamb or sweep lock options Flange or fin frame for masonry and wood construction, flush frame for concrete openings Saflex PVB, Kuraray PVB, Vanceva Storm and SentryGlas Plus interlayer options