Elite ®

The ES-EL400 is a sliding door with a 4 9/16” frame profile. This product meets the most stringent specifications and, with its attractive design and three-track frame, is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Designed for the USA market

Hurricane Resistant Hurricane Resistant

System Description

Large missile impact rated Frame depth: 4 3/16" Configurations: XO, OX, XX, OXO, XXX, OXXO, OXXX, XXXX, --XOXXOX Designed for laminated, insulating and insulating laminated glass Water infiltration: 12 psf Design load: +80/-80 psf Maximum size: 48" x 120"; 60" x 96" panels U-value: 0.57 - IGU (3/16" SB70 Clear + AS + 3/16" Clear + 0.090 PVB + 3/16" Clear) , 1.04 - LG (3/16" Clear + 0.090 PVB + 3/16" Clear) SHGC 0.23 on clear insulating laminated SB 70


Adjustable tandem polyamide needle bearing rollers Up to 4-track frame option Saflex PVB, Kuraray PVB, Vanceva Storm and SentryGlas Plus interlayer options Pocket configuration available