ES-MX4000 is an impact rated sliding glass door system. Designed with the highest technical standards in safety and durability. The system is very versatile and can be implemented in interior or exteriors for a wide range of residential or commercial projects.

Designed for the USA market

System Description

Maximum size: 48" x 108" panels Minimum size: 25” x 71” panels Frame depth: 4 9/16" Sill height: 2 5/8" 2 track, and up to 4 panel configuration with screens Configurations: OX, XO, OXO, OXXO Water infiltration: 12 psf. Design load: +70/-80 psf , +80/-103 psf. (OX and XO only) Laminated Glass: 1/8" HS+ 0.09 PVB + 1/8" HS U-value: 1.02 on clear laminated SB 70 SHGC: 0.30 on clear laminated SB 70


Low-E Solarban 70 available Screen option available PVB laminated glass with coating options available White and bronze aluminum finishes Reinforcement available

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