The ES-MX1000 is a hung window that can be adapted to any architectural design, the system follows strict construction specifications and architectural standards of safety and durability. This window system can be implemented in residential and commercial constructions projects.

Designed for the USA market

System Description

Maximum size: 53 1/8” x 74 1/4" Minimum size: 19" x 26" Frame depth: 3 1/16" Sill height: 2 13/16" Flange frame available Design for 5/16” annealed and heat strengthened glass options LMI and SMI Configuration: OX Water infiltration: 12 psf. Design load: +80/-90 psf. (LMI) , +80/-120 psf. (SMI) Laminated glass: 1/8" ANN + 0.09 PVB + 1/8" ANN , 1/8" HS + 0.09 PVB + 1/8" HS U-value: 1.04 on clear laminated SB 70 SHGC: 0.29 on clear laminated SB 70


Low-E Solarban 70 available Screen option available Block and tackle and ultra-lift balance options White and bronze aluminum finishes Sweep lock and vent latch handles available Heavy duty meeting rail available