ES-MX2000 is an impact rated horizontal sliding window. This product ensures an easy and smooth opening allowing maximum ventilation. ES-MX2000 can be used on a wide variety of architectural applications.

Designed for the USA market

System Description

Maximum size: 63” width x 111” height Frame depth: 2 3/8” Sill height: 3 5/16” Flange and flush frame available Designed for 5/16” annealed and heat strengthened glass options LMI and SMI Configurations: OX, XO, XOX Tested water infiltration: 12 psf. - Tested design load: +80/-90 psf. (LMI) , +82/-108 psf. (SMI) Laminated glass: 1/8” ANN + 0.09 PVB + 1/8” ANN , 1/8” HS + 0.09 PVB + 1/8” HS U-value: 1.06 on clear laminated SB 70 SHGC: 0.28 on clear laminated SB 70


Low-E Solarban 70 available Screen option available White and bronze aluminum finishes PVB laminated glass with coating options available Sweep lock and vent latch handles available Heavy duty meeting rail available