The ES-9000 and ES-9100 are 2 1/4” thick impact rated entrance doors ideal for high traffic areas such as office and commercial buildings, due to their durability and high security standards. The ES-9000 and ES-9100 are compatible with the ES-8000 and the ES-9500 storefront systems.

Designed for the American and Latin American markets

Blast Resistant Blast Resistant Hurricane Resistant Hurricane Resistant

System Description

Frame depth: 5”. Sightline frame: 13/4” or 2 1/2”. Outswing motion. Available with butt hinges or offset pivots. Designed for 9/16” laminated and 1 1/16” insulating laminated glass. Maximum size: 47” x 110 1/2” X; 89” x 110 ½” XX; 53” x 120” SMI X. Variety of accessories including three point lock, concealed vertical rod exit devices, overhead concealed closer, push-pull handle, etc.


High and ADA thresholds. Corners are reinforced with welded aluminum brackets. Pre-assembled door leaf. Fully weather-stripped. Stainless steel hardware. Anodized, painted or wood grain finishes available.